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In 2013, the Town commissioned a Parks Master Plan that has mostly been shelved.  Download Parks Master Plan.

Cobourg has a lot of Parks - large and small. They vary in their use - from Nature to Cultural.  Here is a list.

Name  Address  Acres Category
Brook Road Lookout 451 Lakeshore Drive   Portal
Burnham Manor Park 464 Burnham Street 1.2 Leisure
Cedermere Avenue Lookout 74 Cedermere Avenue   Portal
Chris Garrett Park 990 Birchwood Trail 5.4 Cultural
Cobourg Conservation Area (James Cockburn Park) 700 William Street 30 Nature
Cobourg Dog Park 777 Ontario Street   Cultural
Conservation Land 550 King Street West    
Conservation Land 710 King Street West    
Coronation Park 7 Coronation Cres. 1.2 Leisure
Coverdale Park (Renamed Peter Delanty Park) 29 Coverdale Avenue 6.5 Leisure
Daintry Crescent Park Daintry Crescent   Leisure
D'Arcy Street Lookout 5 D'Arcy Street   Portal
Donegan Park 92 D'Arcy Street 17 Athletic
Ecology Garden 107 Hibernia Street 0.4 Nature
Fitzhugh Park 533 Delanty Road 2 Leisure
Fitzhugh Shores Parkette 78 East House Crescent 0.6 Portal
Fitzhugh Shores 545 Willmott Street   Leisure
Five Corners Park  Cnr King/William    
HW Cooey Park 405 King Street West   Leisure
James J. Tracey Park 196 Spencer Street East 5 Leisure
Jubilee Park 541 Elgin Street West 1 Cultural
Legion Fields 650 D'Arcy Street 22 Athletic
Lion's Park 750 D'Arcy Street 10 Athletic
Lionel Tut Gutteridge Park 115 Stuart Street 0.8 Leisure
Lookout Point Park 557 Lakeshore Road 0.3 Portal
Lucas Point Park 545 Willmott Street 213 Nature
Minnie Pennel Arboretum 941 Frei Street 3.5 Nature
Molly Baker Lane 34 Brook Road South   Nature
Monk's Cove Park 121 Burnham Street 0.9 Leisure
Morley Cane 67 Ballantine Street 4.7 Leisure
New Amherst Park 845 New Amherst Street 1.8  
New Amherst Parkette 857 Caddy Drive 0.5 Leisure
Optimist Park 30 Meredith Crescent 0.6 Leisure
Parkette 1014 Tillison Avenue   Leisure
Parkette 1242 Ashland Drive   Leisure
Parkette 995 Frei Street   Leisure
Peace Park 175 Forth Street 10 Nature
Rotary Fields 750 D'Arcy Street 15 Athletic
Rotary Waterfront Park 110 Albert Street 2 Cultural
Sinclair Park 540 Sinclair Street 8.7 Leisure/ Athletic
Tracey Parkette 781 King Street West 0.2 Portal
Victoria Park 65 King Street East 12 Cultural
Victoria Square 55 King Street West   Cultural
Waterfront Nature Park (previously West Headland) 80 Bagot & 107 Hibernia St.  0.6 Nature
West Park Village Park 815 Prince of Wales Drive   Leisure
Westwood Park 665 Carlisle Street 7.7 Leisure/ Athletic

Town of Cobourg list with more detail of each park.  Not all parks are listed on the Town's site.

Parks Use By-Law 022-2016 - Many things are prohibited - no alcohol, barbecues, fishing, feeding birds, littering, diving off pier, etc.  Parks are closed 11:00 pm to 7:00 am - but it's rarely enforced.

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