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Cobourg Internet is also the name of a Computer and Internet business based in Cobourg that has provided a service to the people of Cobourg who are interested in using the Internet for personal or business purposes. No new clients are being accepted although some existing clients will be continued.  Cobourg Internet is NOT an Internet Service Provider.  If you want Internet service, contact Bell, Cogeco, Eagle, Xplore or Airnet.  More here. The focus of this site is on Cobourg and the Internet. For contact info, see below.


The scope of the site is information about Cobourg as a place to live including the Beach, Parks and Parking, some business information, Town Council, how to get Medical assistance and a collection of photos and videos.  Entertainment is on a separate site here.  The latest news is covered here and good coverage of History is here.

Cobourg on the Internet

Web Site Design

Cobourg Internet has designed a number of web sites and continues to maintain some of them.

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Contact Information is here.

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