Orchestral Zeppelin & The Who
Saturday 06 April 2019, 07:30pm
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The greatest rock show that never was…

An evening of orchestral Zeppelin and orchestral Who

michael whiteIn 1977 Michael White formed the world's first tribute band, ever. The name of that band is The White and after four decades they are still performing the music of Led Zeppelin.

In 2005 Michael began writing orchestral arrangements for some of Led Zeppelin's most popular songs and before long he and his rock band were performing the music of Led Zeppelin re-imagined with philharmonic orchestras in theatres across Canada. The show was so well received in fact, that Michael decided to expand on his orchestral show by arranging some of his other favourite classic rock bands music in the same manner.

Presenting to you Michael White's orchestral invasion series - featuring the music of Led Zeppelin and The Who re-imagined.

These orchestral arrangements remain true to the rockin' spirit of the music while incorporating a unique symphonic sensibility that creates a classic new vibe, that comes alive in its own right.

Touring with seven amazingly talented musicians, the band consists the rock band Michael White and the White and the symphony of rock strings. Together onstage they create a magical space that produces an orchestral invasion from city to city as they perform new and exciting arrangements of these legendary bands' music re-imagined.

This musical production is an incredible sound experience and visual extravaganza complete with a psychedelic liquid light show projected in high definition with a retro kaleidoscope of colour burst images designed to transport your mind to an alternate space and time.

Michael White's orchestral invasion series is coming to Trinity United Church April 06, 2019 7:30pm. Don't miss this show!

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Location: Trinity United Church