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The short version
Some Yahoo emails won't get through to you. This only applies to some Yahoo emails.  The person sending the email will see a bounce.

The long version
One of the things that all responsible email services do is to ban any emails from sources that send spam.  If a server is used to send spam and that gets noticed, then that server gets blacklisted by a number of services.  Over the last few weeks, I have noticed that some emails sending from a Yahoo email address are getting labelled as bad spam and deleted.  That's because my Mail Server routinely checks the blacklists.  The person sending it would get their email bounced with a detailed coded message.  It seems that someone has been using Yahoo servers to send Spam.  Yahoo is very large and has many servers and it's quite possible that only some are affected.  It's also true that if Yahoo acts quickly, they can stop the abuse, get themselves cleared and mail will then go through OK.  This can happen in less than 24 hours.  But they have had this problem for a while and seem to not be doing anything about it.

The problem is NOT with Cobourg Internet.  The problem is that Yahoo has allowed spam to be sent via its servers.  I have taken precautions to stop this happening on CobourgServer (although anything is possible!) so I don't expect to be banned.  The services which added Yahoo to the blacklist are: SPAMCOP, Backscatterer, Casa CBL, Casa CBLPlus, Sorbs Spam.

The banning is based on IP address so spamming by any one of my clients would cause everyone to be banned.  The same is true for Yahoo.  The person trying to send you an  email is most likely not the spammer - they just got caught up in the banning.

If you hear that someone using a Yahoo email address cannot send you email, they should use a clean server like Gmail, Hotmail, Cogeco, Bell, Sympatico or any Cobourg Internet account - none of these are banned.

Note that 95% of your incoming mail will be OK - 100% if no-one uses Yahoo to send you emails.

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