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Once again the connection to the server was broken.  This time it was a relatively low traffic period starting at about 5:40 am on a public holiday (today).  Full restoration of service was at around 12:40.  The cause was not revealed but it seemed that it was related to Network connections in the Data Centre in Provo, Utah and would also have affected many customers of Hostgator, Blue Host, Host Monster and perhaps others.  Note that the server itself was not down - just the connection to it.  This kind of problem is similar to what has happened previously but at the same time quite different.  The difference was that some ISPs (e.g. Bell/Sympatico) were able to connect but others could not.  It was if the data centre was telling the world to use an IP address that was not working. 

I first saw the problem at 7:30 on my home computer which connected to the Internet using Cogeco. Then at 10:30, my phone was able to connect with no problem via its Bell connection.  No doubt a separate route from phone to data centre because at noon, my home computer still had a problem.

I was also able to connect via a proxy.  I therefore reset the modem hoping it would change the path and it seemed to do this since it now connected.  But then at around the same time (12:40) the data centre reported that everything was working properly.  So I don't really know if the reset fixed the problem or it was just a coincidence.

But this hosting centre is having more than its fair share of problems.  According to Wikipedia, Endurance International operates using 62 brands - including Hostgator which is the service used by Cobourg Internet.  Since these are large outages, previous "incidents" have been listed on Wikipedia as follows:

August 2, 2013 Major Network Blackout
A major network issue at the data center in Provo, Utah, affected customers of Bluehost, HostMonster and JustHost, and took down many of the dedicated servers owned by HostGator customers.

December 31, 2013 Multiple Server Blackout
A multiple server outage at data center in Provo, Utah affected HostGator's website, phone services, and customers.

April 16-17, 2014 Networking Blackout
A networking issue affected some server clusters at the data center in Provo, Utah, affecting VPS, Dedicated and Shared server customers of iPage, Hostgator, Justhost, Hostmonster, and Bluehost.

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