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Hosting by Cobourg Internet is provided using two Servers: and and all “supported sites” are on and all paying clients are on

On April 8, was offline for about 18 hours due to a mistake on the part of the hosting provider (Hostgator) and made worse by their slow support repairing the mistake.  The server was eventually back online at 6:20pm.

Separately, the flagship site had experienced intermittent loss of service.  It was not actually offline but instead was extremely busy – by a factor of 4 or more overload.  This does not make a lot of sense since it often happens at slow times like 5:00am.   I therefore moved and supported sites to a new server at a different provider which has proved to be much better,  The new one is provided by Codero. users have since been OK where they are, but if not, there is an alternative supplier!


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