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At next Monday's council meeting, Engineering are asking for approval to go to tender with the revised design of Vehicle Way Finding Signs from the Consultant (the GSP Group). They would be on a concrete base in 10 locations in the town (see map below). The design was revised "after consultation with staff and the sign committee."  I think the committee is mostly staff - I don't think there are any citizens on it (I believe it's the Vitalization action Committee).

Way Finding Signs
Way Finding Sign Way Finding Sign
All signs would be placed in the town owned boulevard. Each sign will have the distance marked at the top of the sign and an arrow directing people to the waterfront/downtown area.

At left is the previously proposed sign and the drawings at right are the new one.

Yes. The new one is smaller at 3.45m compared to the original at 4.15m. I guess they had to be to keep the cost down. The budget for all 10 is only $40,000. If it helps visualize, 3.45m is 11ft 4in and 4.15m is 13ft 7in.

I think that the shape is better and losing the "km" is OK; what does everyone else think of these signs?



Update, September 22, 2014

At the Committee of the Whole meeting, Bill Watson admitted that the estimated price was about 20% over budget - that is, about $4,800 each sign.  This led council to the thought that fewer signs should be purchased.  There were also questions (mostly by Miriam) about what should be on the back of the signs (maybe, thank you for visiting?) and whether useful text could be added in place of the Town logo - this would be intended for pedestrians or cyclists.  Watson said that he would be asking in the tender for pricing per sign.  Then the "sign committee" could decide how many signs and where they should be placed.  In any event, the motion (which was passed) was only to authorize issuing a tender - a final purchase decision would come back to council.


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