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News Update

August 21

1. The RibFest finished yesterday

RibFest 2017

2. YMCA Decision. The Town has now issued a Press Release and full report on the investigation of a possible merger between the YMCA and the CCC.  Full background details are given plus the reasoning for the decision. There is also a compromise proposal made. The details have now been tabled - not announced. More here.


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Latest Comments

  • Bill Thompson said More
    "The implication is that a denial would risk an appeal to the OMB"
    We saw what... 3 hours ago.
  • MJ said More
    Witnessing the mayors comments this evening left me saddened. I don't attend... 3 hours ago.
  • Mrs. Anonymous said More
    I listened to some of the live stream of the public zoning meeting.

    Ms Chorley... 4 hours ago.
  • LJ said More
    Yes. 9 hours ago.
  • LJ said More
    I agree. There are a lot of people in power in this town who are only out for... 9 hours ago.
  • Dubious said More
    Will those opposed to the zoning change be able to voice their opposition at... 13 hours ago.
  • DogMom said More
    If the owner was allowed to renovate the house and create four high end self... 14 hours ago.
  • Mrs. Anonymous said More
    I agree, wish they would address it cornbread. So far, it doesn't seem like a... 14 hours ago.

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