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At the Council meeting on Monday Feb 2,  Carmelo & Elaine Amenta will be suggesting to Council that the Strategic plan should consider re-developing the land currently occupied by the trailer park.  They argue that the Cobourg Beach Front is “one of the most (if not the most) attractive feature in Cobourg and has huge potential that … has not yet been fully realized.”

Further, the Beach Front:

  • Is attracting new residents including younger retirees, who are active and financially secure
  • Used in the summer by daily/weekend visitors who bring little benefit to the town
  • Seasonal guests (i.e. trailer park) have benefits that are not available to the tax-paying residents of the town
  • Caters well to young families


Changing demographics are creating new demands and young retirees see the beach as a focus for leisure and entertainment

Their vision:

  • Beachfront restaurants and coffee shops, gift shops
  • Bed and Breakfast – Small Hotel
  • Low-rise buildings
  • Open year-round
  • Patios on the boardwalk during the summer, enclosed during the winter – warming hut
  • Bike racks to accommodate cyclists
  • Downtown Cobourg linked to the beachfront by shops

Below are some artist conceptions from their submission of what it might be like.

Beach Front Business

Such a redevelopment would:

  • Benefit ALL beach users, including newcomers
  • Attract new business opportunities
  • Showcase Cobourg’s beachfront asset
  • Bring financial benefits to the town

To do this, they do more than just dream or complain, the suggest that Council:

  • Amend or create by-laws to facilitate beachfront development
  • Initiate marketing campaign to inform that Cobourg beachfront is “open for business”
  • Approach potential business owners
  • Create positive climate and “buzz”

Carmelo & Elaine have only been in Cobourg four years – my experience is that Cobourg residents are evenly split on agreeing with them or wanting to maintain the status quo.  Currently the Town is waiting on the results of a consultant’s report that will discuss options for major Town assets – and this is one of them.

Oh, and here's their full presentation.


By the time Elaine and Carmelo came to the actual presentation at Council tonight, they changed words a little bit (although the slides were unchanged).  Instead of "beachfront" they said "waterfront" and made sure that they talked more generically.  Even so, Gil Brocanier said that it seemed like they were talking about the Trailer Park and they said no, they were not!  They also said the photos were not of Cobourg although they sure looked like they were meant to be the East beach and taken from the East Boardwalk.  Seems that Elaine and Carmelo did not understand the hornet's nest they were disturbing.

In comments, Theresa Rickerby mentioned that the "Tourism Assets Study" would shortly be released.  One of Cobourg's Tourism Assets is the Trailer Park - so it will be interesting to see what it says about the Trailer Park and the Waterfront (and Beachfront).



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