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Once again, students from the Durham College Architectural Technician and Technology program under the direction of Professor Ali Taileb made Downtown Cobourg the subject of their projects. They presented their results in the Citizen’s Forum at Victoria Hall today to a small crowd of citizens. There were 7 projects and about 26 students.  Several made models and two groups focused on the Sarby’s eye-sore opposite Victoria Hall.

Their focus was on making the buildings architecturally better while keeping Cobourg’s Heritage guidelines in mind.  The renovations were often so dramatic and costly that even CIP would not make them economically feasible.  However, there was certainly food for thought.

See the photos below of three of the projects – be sure to click to enlarge then you can scroll through all four.

Durham Students' IdeasDurham Students ideas

Durham Students ideasDurham Students in Citizen's Forum

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