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The William Street Brewery has outgrown its premises at the corner of William Street and University – it opened in 2014 and in the last year it has grown 700%.  Originally a micro craft brewery with an on-site store, it has graduated to include a tasting area set up like a permanent beer- tent.  Owner Sean Walpole has hired Karen Belfry as Head Brewer and another person to help her.  The new much larger location is now in the Victoria Place plaza off William street at the corner of Elgin – see photos below.

You can now get one of the beers brewed on the premises in a 12 oz glass or get a collection of samples in 4 oz glasses.  Because of the open design, you can see the work of brewers as it happens and see the large beer vats.  As well as a bar, there is also a store within a store that sells his collection of beers.

The Brewery and “bar” is now open to the public seven days a week:

Monday to Saturday 11am to 7pm
Sunday 12 to 4pm

William st brewerySean belongs to the Ontario Craft Brewers which has 60+ members.  They advocate the open layout he has used because it provides a “connection to the product”.

He is actively promoting and selling his product throughout South East Ontario and sees a trend of people expecting that restaurants and pubs should at least include local craft beers in their offerings

Currently Sean does not offer a wide selection of food – only light snacks are available.  He hopes this will expand although he does not intend to provide meals.  His focus is on manufacturing beer but his premises could easily become a great meeting place.  

William st Brewery - OutsideWilliam st Brewery



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