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If you have a smart-phone or tablet, you can see where the Cobourg transit buses are right now.  Just access the page and you see a map with bus icons on the two routes showing where they are – updates happen every 12 seconds.  It’s like looking at a car GPS remotely except it has both buses.  The map can be zoomed in to show bus stops and you can scroll and move the map Google Map style.  No longer do you have to rely on the often wrong timetable of when the bus is supposed to arrive.

To make it easy for users, the town has printed leaflets with a QR code that takes a phone directly to the right page.  Or you can make the URL a favourite/bookmark on your browser. 

Below is a screen grab of the page.

where's my bus

 At the top right on the (actual) map page is a legend icon menu icon; click it to get a map legend.  The info icon below itinfo icon gives Transit info such as fares and hours of operation.  So all your transit info is in one place.

Why not try it yourself right now – click here. Or print this page (use settings icon above right) and use your phone’s QR app to scan the QR code below-right.

The way it works is that the buses have a GPS onboard which gives their location.  This is then sent by radio to a central point where it is integrated with the Town’s Geographic Information System (GIS) platform.  This is then put online and accessed via the link above.  

transit qrThe same GIS system is used by the Town to manage “sewer mains, manholes, trees, street signs, properties, roads, parks and more.”  Director of Public Works Barry Thrasher said: “GIS (is) a vital tool for tracking work orders, such as sidewalk panels that need to be replaced over the next five years or in an emergency situation, such as an oil spill, when staff need to identify which storm sewer outfall is going to be affected. The new ‘Where’s My Bus?’ app is an excellent example of how the Town of Cobourg can use the power of GIS to provide a helpful new service to its citizens.” 

For more details of Cobourg’s Transit system, go to the transit page here.



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