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A sign on the Park Theatre indicates that it has been sold.  Pete Fisher at Northumberland Today reports that owner Rocky Varcoe said that the building has been sold to a Toronto-based buyer.  However, Rocky told Pete: “I am pretty certain it will not be a theatre or performing arts centre of any kind," He said that he was "very disappointed" town officials from Cobourg didn't step up and purchase the building.  This implies that the new owner intends to demolish the building and that would likely come up against Heritage rules unless he can prove it’s beyond repair.

Park Theatre soldAnother issue would be whether it is truly a Heritage building.  You’d have to think that the Heritage issue means that the saga is not yet finished. 

A lot of people want it to be a theatre of some kind but Council wants to wait until a Cultural Plan is completed and that has not yet even started. It's location means that it would be a great place for Condos but lately they seem to not sell quickly.  The new owner develops Commercial properties so maybe it will be used for something "Commercial".

The asking price last summer was $699,000 and I understand that the sale price was definitely more than the $500,000 number floated earlier by the Town.




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