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One of the best councillors in Cobourg – and now she is resigning.  It was always amazing that she could keep up with family, business and Council. She has two children, runs two downtown businesses and estimates her Council workload at 40 hours per week.   She made the public announcement on Facebook around 3:00pm Monday May 2nd.  The announcement has already been posted on the Town’s web site (see below) since she let them know last Friday (per date on her resignation letter).  See below for the rules for replacing a councilor.

Announcement by Councilor Rickerby

As posted on Facebook.Theresa Rickerby

It is with a heavy heart that I share with the community the news that effective today I have tendered my resignation as a Councilor with the Town of Cobourg.

After much thought and consideration I have made this difficult decision together with and for the benefit of my family and the continued opportunity for growth of my small business. It was with great pride, passion and commitment that I took on the role of serving my community on council. I remain deeply committed to the Town of Cobourg and Downtown in particular. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of such a progressive and committed council and having the opportunity to work with the Town of Cobourg staff.

I wish to thank not only my Council colleagues for their guidance and support but also our dedicated Town staff for all of the support they have shown me since I was elected.

My greatest amount of gratitude goes out to the residents of Cobourg for the opportunity to serve you and be your voice at Council. I have truly enjoyed and valued the experience.

I will be returning to work full time in my business in Downtown Cobourg and will continue to be an active member of the community as I have been for the past sixteen years.

Theresa Rickerby

Dennis Nabieszko points out that:

The Municipal Act spells it out for replacement.

Rules applying to filling vacancies
    (5)  The following rules apply to filling vacancies:
      1.   Within 60 days after the day a declaration of vacancy is made with respect to the vacancy under section 262, the municipality shall,
                 i.   appoint a person to fill the vacancy under subsection (1) or (4), or
                ii.   pass a by-law requiring a by-election be held to fill the vacancy under subsection (1).

So we either have a by-election or an appointment - either way will be interesting.  The Town says that this will be decided "in the coming weeks".  They have 60 days from May 2 to make a selection.

Update – Council Meeting May 2

Mayor Gil Brocanier said that a committee of himself, Deputy Mayor Henderson and Councillor Brian Darling would select a method of filling the vacancy and report at the Committee of the Whole meeting in two weeks, May 16. 

Given that an election would cost money and there is not much time to organize one – for the town or for candidates – and given the need that any appointment would best be at least seen to be democratic, the likely method would be appointment of the next in line candidate from the last election.  The candidate would need to be still resident in Cobourg and be willing to accept.  Wayne Deveau would be next in line and Aaron Burchat next. Another thought: would candidates for Mayor and deputy Mayor be considered to replace a councillor?


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