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At the Heritage Advisory Committee meeting on Wednesday Aug 31, the site plan for the Legion Development on Hibernia Street will be presented for comment and approval.  There is a lot more detail available now than when the development was up for rezoning in 2013. Re-zoning was required because the developer wanted 6 stories but it was zoned for 4.   In the end the developer (TVM) went to the OMB because the official plan said it should be OK to be re-zoned and they were awarded approval for 5 storeys.  The Developer has been marketing these units since then in their showroom at 1 King Street East.

See the links below for the full history on why there were objections to the development and how it was resolved.

The short version is that the Legion wanted to use their land – now used as a parking lot – to build a new hall with condos overhead.  Their current building would be demolished to provide parking spaces.  Objections - spear-headed by Keith Oliver – focused on the non-Heritage nature of the proposed design and that it would be too massive. 

Anyway, it is now going forward – some units have no doubt been sold and the site plan is being processed.  It is first going to the Heritage Advisory committee even though it is not in the official Heritage district(!) and then to the planning department for approval.

The plan and perspective view are below.  Plus you can download all the original (larger) submitted documents.



The perspective is a view from the North East looking South West at the corner of Hibernia and Orr.

Download Developer Documents

All pdfs

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