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As reported earlier, the Agenda for this Council meeting included passing a motion on the exotic animal bylaw and accepting a report on the Arenas and the Community Centre (more below).  The meeting did include other items as listed below but the most discussion was on the Community Centre report by Dean.  Although he said it would be brief, he went through virtually the entire report in detail (and it's long!).

Council Actions

  • Approved that Cobourg would declare November 25, 2016 as Rotary Foundation Day to recognize the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Rotary Foundation which is the Rotary subsidiary that manages International charitable programs.
  • Approved the Victoria Square project plan with money approved to go ahead with Engineering although final approval depends on getting Provincial and Federal grants totaling $900,000. The project is scheduled to be “opened” August 2017.  (More here: Victoria Square report;  Victoria Square Public Meeting).  They also agreed to put a notice on the web site asking for input on the choice of names for the square from these options:
  • Cobourg Heritage Square
  • Cobourg Market Square
  • Victoria Market Square
  • Cobourg Civic Square.
  • Discussion on the Cobourg Community Centre included all the items discussed per the previous post (Review of Cobourg’s Recreation Facilities) but focused on the request for $160,000 to improve the Food and Beverage (F & B) service.  It was made clear that although this includes a commercial kitchen it would NOT be large enough to permit holding large conventions at the centre where hundreds of meals would be served.  Since the current F & B service makes a profit of $50,000 per year with a much more limited food variety and service, Gil felt that the $160,000 could be recouped in four years.  It would certainly reduce the number of complaints!  Council approved spending the $160,000 although formal approval will be in next week’s regular Council meeting.  Dean also seemed interested in getting a liquor licence for the CCC - but not right now.
  • Asset Management Software was approved.  This is required to expand the GIS system and allow it to track all town assets as required by future provincial regulations.  It will also integrate with the Town’s web site to allow requests to be directly input to the Work Order systems. 
  • An earlier post reported that Diane Storen had asked for a ban on travelling zoos (Travelling Zoos in Cobourg) but that Brent Larmer said that the existing bylaw was adequate.  Gil reported that in a conversation with Diane, she was happy with this once she knew that only zoos approved by CAZA were exempt.  There was no discussion on whether there was any enforcement of this bylaw.

There were also other minor/routine items approved.

I saw no sign of video streaming on Cogeco or the web site.


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