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This regular update is popular with visitors to the site but not so much with Realtors.  In particular, realtors were unhappy that the Town’s listing of properties included prices which were then included in Cobourg Internet reports. In response, the Town’s listing no longer includes prices.  However, there are other sources of prices.  Listed below are select properties that would likely be of interest to Cobourg residents.  Included are buildings for sale as well as businesses for sale.

Since the last report, there have been some Restaurants with news:

  • The Sakura Sushi Restaurant on D’Arcy Road is closing – the owners are moving to Western Ontario.
  • The El Camino Mexican Restaurant has changed hands – new owners Amanda & Greg took over last week
  • The Poco Camino Tapas Bar & Restaurant also changed owner - to Jenna Fitzgerald.  I thought they were owned by the same people as El Camino but it seems not.
  • And if you like waterfront restaurants and travel to Brighton for Dougal’s – the owner wanted to retire and recently sold it to a new owner.

I see that the CDCI West building is now on the Town's listing of available properties so that means it was not bought by the Town, the County or the Province and did not get a successful bid when it went up for public tender.

Address Description Price
701 Brook Rd North Originally Columbus McKinnon – Industrial premises. This U.S. Company pulled out of Cobourg starting 2003 and completed approx. 2006. Property now owned by a third party. $2,750,000
125 Densmore Rd A-1 Taxis Business for sale $925,000
800 Division Street Former ARXX building. Was for sale but has now been subdivided into units for lease.  
Elgin and William Victoria Place Plaza 1,200 to 6,200 sq. ft. new building now under construction.  
Northumberland Mall 112,102 sq. ft. available from a total of 365,000 sq. ft. The owners do not mention that Sears will be closing March 31, 2017.  However, there is also talk of an expansion of the Rainbow cinemas with two more screens on the ground floor.  
2 King Street East Village Square Project - Ground floor commercial – planned condos above.  Developer is still dreaming but doing nothing. No pricing available
39 King Street East Formerly Macgregor’s pub then the Saigon Grill. Status of restaurant is not clear but there are apartments upstairs. (With affordable rent)    
60 King East Park Theatre $699,000
135 King Street West Cobourg District Collegiate Institute West 86,426 sq. ft. + 2.36 acres. The original building was constructed in 1901. Additional buildings were constructed in 1939, 1953, 1957, 1963, 1967, and 1972. The building is a 2-storey structure with a partial basement.  Public bids closed July 21, 2016 Price not available
20 King Street West Building only.  Houses Chopsticks Restaurant and 2 apartments upstairs – one vacant $495,000
5 King Street West Building only for sale. Retail space with living accommodations on the second floor. $479,900
73 King West Corner of Third Street – Subway restaurant is the central condo of 6 retail units.  Building for sale.  8 apartments above. Originally the site of the Plaza Hotel. $2,200,000  
85 to 91.5 King West Originally John Lee properties – still not sold – different agents for each property. Still mysterious.  
96 King Street West Stanley’s Fish and Grill Business only for Sale – price recently reduced from $59,900 $39,900
472 Ontario Street Originally Ultimate Potato Company. Building for sale. $1,295,000
22 Queen Street Old Curling building - approved for a five-storey condo with ground floor commercial or buyer can use existing building. $999,999
202 Second St. Quigley Lot.  Includes approved Site Plan for Condo units with ground floor commercial. $2,500,000
148 Third Street Commercial Condo group – includes space where Peach's Grocery store was.  $1,050,000
396 William Street Corner of University. Building for sale complete with Lets East Sushi Restaurant in Unit 2.  Convenience store rents Unit 1.  $899,000
520 William Street Cobourg Innovation Centre   - Formerly Kraft complex. Various industrial units available for lease. $8,950,000

Looks like there's no big increase in prices in commercial properties - unlike what's happening with residential properties in Cobourg.

See previous commercial property update in September.


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