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Cobourg Police are warning residents that there have been several recent incidents of counterfeit U.S. money being used to make purchases at businesses and for payment for items being sold through online classified ads.  The denomination of the notes was not specified although it’s unlikely they were $1.  The reported occurrences were on Sunday 13th of November.  Police say that if you are in possession of such notes, you must turn them in but you won’t get any compensation.

Police say that:

The onus is on all citizens to check all currency coming into their possession to ensure it is authentic.  Anyone in possession of counterfeit bank notes is required to turn them in and report the incident immediately to police. Fraudulent currency detected will be seized with no refund provided to the person in possession of the fake bill. [They might say "Sorry about that"!]

But they do provide hints on how to detect fraudulent bills:

Canadian and American currency both have security features built in to help detect fraudulent bank notes. When inspecting currency you receive you should consider the following:

  • The texture and thickness. Legitimate currency is designed to be very durable and should not be easily torn or damaged. Real money is often thinner in comparison to counterfeit money. Genuine American currency will also have slightly raised ink that is difficult for criminals to recreate
  • The appearance. Real bank notes have a number of security features built in to them which may include: Watermark portraits, small red and blue specks embedded in the paper and ink that appears to change color when the bill is tilted  
  • Comparing the bill to one you know is authentic may help in determining if it is a counterfeit
  • Do not be persuaded to accept American currency as payment if you are not comfortable with it. Insist on Canadian currency and inspect the bank notes by means outlined by the Bank of Canada on its website

If a situation feels suspicious, trust your instincts. Do not be talked into using payment methods or accepting currency that you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with.

Anyone found in possession of counterfeit money or attempts to use counterfeit currency is committing a criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada and may be sentenced to up to 14 years in prison.

Apart from this, Police report that last week was quiet with only 143 service calls – none very exciting.  Download their weekly report here.


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