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One of the lesser known facts about the Cobourg Police Service is that it operates a Canada-wide business providing record check services to over 40 private companies across Canada.  These companies offer record checking services to the public but they cannot access the RCMP data base because it’s only available to a Police Force.  Cobourg’s Police has a separate Division – Business Services – that has contracts to provide this information.  Currently 17 part time clerks are employed in this division and they have earned revenue of over $3.3 Million since it was started in 2004.

The 17 clerks work in the Cobourg Police station building in their own area on the second floor.  Currently they work a total of 465 hours per week and in 2016 they expect to provide 340,000 checks.  Unlike other Police Services who do not have a dedicated division, record checks take about 24 hours compared to a more usual 3-4 months.

Police capitalCapital Expenditures 2004 to 2016In a presentation to Council on Monday night, Police Chief Kai Liu gave a summary of this work plus he provided data on what the money is used for.  The revenue (I presume he means "net" or "profit") does not contribute to operating costs but is used for Capital items like building renovations, cars, radios, an HVAC System, a telephone system and more.  Under the heading of “Community”, this source of funds paid for CCTV Cameras and Radar Speed Signs. At right is a pie chart showing how money was spent between 2004 and 2016.

Cobourg’s Capital budget for Police for 2016 shows $860,000 in costs offset by $760,000 in revenue for a net $100,000 cost. At this rate of growth, maybe in 2017 Police will pay a dividend to the Town!

Apart from paying for Capital items, Cobourg Police already provide record checks to Cobourg volunteers at no charge.  This will be especially useful with the large number of volunteers needed for the events in 2017.


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