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With the resignation of Larry Sherwin on Dec 7, Council put in place a procedure to appoint a replacement.  Anyone who wanted to be considered had until January 18 to submit an application and 11 citizens did so (see list below)..  These applicants will then be given 10 minutes to verbally present their case to Council at a special meeting on Monday 23 January at 4:00pm.  At the conclusion, council will vote and make a selection.

The list is as follows (alphabetical order):

  • Burgess, Mark 
  • Curtis, Randy 
  • Grucela, Carla 
  • Jenkins, Dean 
  • Lambert, Bryan 
  • Ludorf-Weaver, Gudrun 
  • Moore, Bruce 
  • Owen, Donald 
  • Sammut, Charles 
  • Seguin, Suzanne 
  • Whelan, Marcia 

These have all been certified as eligible.

There has not been time or opportunity to campaign so selection can only be made on two factors:

  1. The presentation
  2. Do councillors already know anything about these applicants?

Based only on what is already on this web site, I offer the following:

  • Mark Burgess. Member of Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Gudrun Ludorf-Weaver. Candidate for Councillor at last Municipal election, Candidate for Green Party in Provincial Election, member of Planning and Sustainability Advisory Committee.
  • Suzanne Seguin. Member of Economic Development Advisory Committee; member of Downtown Marketing Partnership; Chair, Strategic Plan Steering Committee (for Economic Development (and presented to Council 11 March 2016), Member of Canada 150 Marketing Sub-committee

The meeting on Monday starts with the passing of a bylaw to appoint a deputy Town Clerk – Brent Larmer.  No reason is given in the agenda as to why this is needed.

The procedure at the meeting will be:

  • Names will be drawn by the Municipal Clerk to determine presentation order.
  • Candidates make their presentations to Council with no questions to be asked or comments to be made or expressed by Council Members.
  • Mayor will indicate one minute time left and then at the 10 minute time limit the speaker will be required to end the presentation.

Once presentations are complete, Council will vote then pass a motion to appoint the councillor.  The new councillor will be sworn in at the next regular Council meeting on January 30, 2017.


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