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There will be a Provincial election in 2018 – not yet scheduled but will be on or before June 7. This page will list candidates and something about them.  More detail can be found on the candidates' web and social media pages as well as the "related web pages" listed.  As candidates release information it will be included on this page.

All Candidates Meetings

Organization Location  Date  Time Broadcast
Individuals Skeena Hall 17 Mill St. S.  Port Hope May 24 7:00pm 89.7 (TBC)

Liberal Party

Riding Association Web site

Lou RinaldiCandidate

Lou Rinaldi

Lou is the incumbent and has been confirmed as the candidate for the Liberal Party.

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Progressive Conservative Party

Riding Association web site.


David Piccini grew up in Port Hope and although young at 28, he already has extensive experience in Politics. After graduating from Ottawa University he worked for Ed Fast (Minister of International Trade) but since 2015 he has worked as an advisor for The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.  He now calls home the triangle of Port Hope, Toronto and Ottawa.

David PicciniDavid Piccini

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Jana PapuckoskiCandidate

Jana Papuckowski is 33 and has lived in Port Hope since 2014.  The former security guard is the recording secretary for the United Steelworkers Union, Local 5296, in the Greater Toronto Area, and says she's running to be a voice for precarious workers and to fight poverty and inequality.

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Green Party

Green Party Jeff WheeldonCandidate

Jeff Wheeldon has been a resident of Brighton since 2016 - he came here from Manitoba by choice. He has a wife and two young sons and works in Real Estate but also in a local Cheese factory. He's passionate about the Green's policies - he says he couldn't "not run". Jeff says he's dedicated to serving others and wants to work across party lines. He believes that Government must be "us" not "them". Like the Trillium Party, Jeff says that "the Constituents are my boss, not the Party".

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Trillium Party

derek sharpA new party started in 2014 with leader Bob Yaciuk – their web site


Derek Sharp

Derek's Bio is at the Trillium web site here.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 905 375-7595

Derek Describes the Party:

The Trillium Party is providing Ontarians who are disenchanted with the Big Three parties a legitimate and viable, strong alternative that puts the people of Ontario, and not party interests, at the top of our priority list. 

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