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Letters to the Editor

A collection of Letters sent to the Editor of Cobourg News Blog.

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Dear Cobourg residents

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, suffer from diabetes, glaucoma, or macular degeneration issues, this may be of interest to you and the health of your families.

You may already be aware of this developing issue in Ontario but in case not, you should be.

Optometrists in Ontario will be withdrawing services to all OHIP patients (basically all of us) effective September 1/2021, unless the Ontario Government agrees to sit down to negotiations with Ontario’s Optometrists. Apparently over the last 30+ years, the increase for patient eye care has only increased 17 cents per year, to this point (according to the Ontario Association of Optometrists)  Optometrists are paying out of pocket for a portion of patient eye care.  I am not involved in this field in any way other than a user who has diabetes.

We are Cobourg citizens who are concerned about a new development (called 296 George Street) planned for the southeast corner of George Street and Buck Street. The initial plan includes a 3-storey 15 unit apartment building to be located along the entire east side of the lot. In the initial submission, the proposed development does not appear to adhere to the heritage guidelines in scale, massing, size, and density – overlooking and dominating the c1865 property beside it and dwarfing all other buildings on the street – many of them designated as heritage properties. See images below.


While I am excited to see an infusion of cash into our medical system I still would like to plead with your government to find a way to get better mental health for young adults and geriatrics in our area.

Last night I spent another 6 hours in NHH trying to get help for one of my children. When I pleaded with the attending physician for help for them, he suggested we move to a big city like Toronto or Ottawa. He referred to Northumberland County as a "Black Hole" for mental health citing the fact that no specialized psychiatrists want to move out of the big cities and set up a practice because they can make so much more money in Toronto. He told me that where he and most doctors in rural Ontario have a client list of over 1500 patients, a psychiatrist has a case load of only 50. He told me that even though several world renowned child psychiatrists live in Northumberland part time in expensive homes and hobby farms none of them want to practice in rural areas. This is a horrible situation and he further declared that he sees at least one teenager a week who wants to kill themselves and cannot get mental health support.

One of the wonderful things that has made life in Northumberland County particularly worth living in recent years has been the advent of The Loft in Cobourg: a space for live performance and opera, ballet, documentaries and other films.

The Loft has been brought to its knees by the prolonged COVID shutdown. It needs our help. Will you join us? Specifically, we aim to raise a total of $25,000 which will cover rent arrears, equipment repairs, and a small backlog of film costs. Ideally, 100 people donating $250 each would do the trick and we, the first Friends of The Loft, are committing to donate $250 each.  But any donation would of course be very welcome.

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