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Lakefront's presentation on Monday's Council agenda proposes a project that seriously undermines Council's objectives of fighting climate change and ensuring transparency in procurement. I applaud any efforts to reduce the operating costs for the CCC. However this project will not be effective.

Consider the following:

  • This is a sole source procurement and the supplied justification is essentially generic marketing hype. There are dozens of companies offering similar systems and they should all be considered if we want to pursue a possible installation. Why not request proposals via a public RFP?
  • Ontario's public electricity system is one of the few “green” portions of our economy; the vast majority of Ontario's power comes from zero emissions hydroelectric and nuclear generation with some from solar and wind. 100% of the power from the proposed CCC project will come from burning CO2 producing fossil fuels..
  • Cost savings depend on electricity from the CCC's small generator being cheaper than electricity from the grid. Conspicuously absent from the presentation is any discussion of the sensitivity of benefits to future natural gas prices, future electricity prices and planned carbon taxes. Solar and wind power is widely believed to soon be much cheaper than fossil fuels. If true Cobourg will be saddled with an expensive, fossil fuel eating, white elephant!

I urge that Council reject this proposal.

Ken Strauss
Cobourg Resident


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