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The Cobourg waterfront is a “jewel” on the lake that we all enjoy and that attracts new residents and visitors to the Town.

As a long time Cobourg boater, and former executive member of the Cobourg Yacht Club, I have some ideas that could significantly improve the marina operation and the waterfront use and enjoyment of all residents.

Here are two of them.

Free Docks

Currently, the marina provide free docks for the use of boating friends of the CYC. It is called a “reciprocal arrangement”. The potential revenue from these free docks is $15-$20,000/yr. The marina should stop this practice, collect this revenue, and use it to address the safety, maintenance and infrastructure needs at the marina, for the benefit of all boaters.

The marina have agreed to consider changes to the agreement, but to date have not made them public. Town Council have also been asked to look into this. I believe all such agreements should be transparent, and published rates should apply for all services provided by the marina.

Waterfront Building

The Town owns the building occupied by the CYC, and lease it to the club for a minimal cost, plus maintenance, taxes, insurance. This building occupies prime waterfront real estate, but sits empty and unused for almost 90% of the time in summer.

Why does the Town not renegotiate the lease with the CYC and make the facility available to other waterfront user clubs, YMCA, etc.? Perhaps even lease the kitchen to provide waterfront outdoor patio dining for all residents and boaters?

The marina staff are working hard to improve operations, and are making progress.

The CYC has done a wonderful job in supporting the boating interests of the community, teaching young people in the “Learn to Sail” program, and in promoting improvements at the waterfront in general.

There is much more to do, and I believe we can improve without some of the high cost, high risk investments identified in the official waterfront plan.

John King – ex-member Cobourg Yacht Club