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As relative newcomers to Cobourg, we are impressed with the history and heritage of this lovely community. The Brookside property is an architectural jewel harkening back to the golden formative years of the city, and as one of the few surviving mansions, should undoubtedly be preserved.

In our previous hometown of London there is a similar property, The Elsie Perrin Williams Estate. Fortunately, it was gifted to the city, and its existence now plays a prominent role in the cultural and social fabric of the city.

It is run on a nonprofit basis and is busy hosting weddings, corporate events, large social gatherings, special events, and the like.

We envision Brookside filling a similar role in Cobourg.  

  • Function hall for weddings, celebrations of life, corporate events, large social gatherings, holiday parties.
  • Special events venue attracting crowds in the Oshawa-Peterborough-Belleville triangle.
  • Home to various Cobourg museums, permanent displays (e.g. the art museum, sports hall of fame)
  • Tourism office
  • Second major park for family outings, picnics, strolling through gardens
  • Relieve some of the functional overload now at Victoria Park and the beach.

A decent restaurant (with modest rent) and a catering business would support the various functions.

Full development of the site may take a decade, when considering the architectural restoration, refurbishment, and upgrades to the grounds.

To attempt such a significant undertaking requires vision, a long term view, money (lots), and an undeterred commitment from all parties to overcome the inevitable setbacks and to clear whatever hurdles are set before them.

If we can imagine and manage this, the next generation will celebrate the foresightedness and actions of those of today.

For some homegrown inspiration, one need only reflect upon how impoverished we would be if the preservation of Victoria Hall had not happened.

Perhaps there is another Lenah (or Len) Fisher amongst us who might raise the banner and rally the community into a common and prideful purpose?

Geoff and Penny Anderson

Copy sent to MPP David Piccini since he was asking for input.

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