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From: Brookside + Company

Our purpose here is to introduce our recommendation that the Brookside Site be developed into a sustainable, comprehensive, inclusive and healthy neighbourhood with a centre that will serve not only those who live on the site but also the 600 homes in the surrounding residential area that are within a 5-10 minute walk of its Centre. The Plan we are working on will incorporate many of the more specific uses others have recommended and will recognize and address many of the planning and development issues that have been by-passed as human settlements in Ontario have grown since World War II.

Brookside + Company refers to an initial group of citizens who are working to promote the future use of the Brookside site to the benefit of Cobourg as a whole. The process being followed consists of five stages that begin with a Vision Statement and ends with a Plan for Implementation. Along the way we expect that many citizens will become involved. We recognize that public support is key to success.

A first draft of Stage Two - Challenges; identifies challenges to be met in a final Plan and includes:

(Ca) The Site and its amenities shall complement, not compete with, those in the Centre of Cobourg.
(Cb) In total the site shall be energy-consumption and carbon-emission neutral.
(Cd) Restoration of Strathmore Hall and its adaptive-reuse to the benefit of Cobourg as a whole.
(Ce) A circulation system that separates pedestrians and bikes from vehicles.
(Cf) Housing shall be affordable-to-all irrespective of social or economic circumstances.
(Cg) Housing forms that make possible, owned, rented, coop, co-housing and group-home use.
(Ch) Incentives that encourage developers to co-operate and use more efficient building technology.
(Ci) Incentives that discourage personal vehicle ownership.
(Cj) Incentives that encourage inter-personal community relationships and civic-empathy.
(Ck) Incentives encourage cultural expressions through all the arts, and an awareness of our history.
(Cl) Incentives that demonstrate our responsibility to the natural world, its cycles (and its beauty).
(Cm) Incentives that encourage physical activity by all age groups.
(Cn) A community wide Reduce-Reuse-Recycle System that includes grey water reuse.
(Co) Brook Creek flood pain (30% of site) community uses such as a commercial vegetable garden.
(Cq) Amenities that address the needs of the young, the old, and promote their interrelationship.

  Etc ...

Stage Five - Implementation; recommendations include several proposals which will encourage the Province to donate the Brookside Site to the Town. Among others is the development of the Brookside Neighbourhood as a creative and realistic expression of its Revised Provincial Policy Statements; and  incentives to keep long-term care eligible elderly close to family.

Some may consider our purpose as described above to be unrealistic ... it is not. All proposals will be based on the experience of others and examples that have been successfully created elsewhere.

More information will be made available at a later date. In the meantime please feel free to contact the Facilitator of the Brookside Project by phone or email.

Facilitator: Keith Oliver (anytime cell 905-375-8540, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Keith Oliver

In addition to copies sent to Councillors, copies also sent to: David Piccini MPP, Director of Planning Glenn McGlashon, Members of the Planning Advisory Committee.

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