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While I am excited to see an infusion of cash into our medical system I still would like to plead with your government to find a way to get better mental health for young adults and geriatrics in our area.

Last night I spent another 6 hours in NHH trying to get help for one of my children. When I pleaded with the attending physician for help for them, he suggested we move to a big city like Toronto or Ottawa. He referred to Northumberland County as a "Black Hole" for mental health citing the fact that no specialized psychiatrists want to move out of the big cities and set up a practice because they can make so much more money in Toronto. He told me that where he and most doctors in rural Ontario have a client list of over 1500 patients, a psychiatrist has a case load of only 50. He told me that even though several world renowned child psychiatrists live in Northumberland part time in expensive homes and hobby farms none of them want to practice in rural areas. This is a horrible situation and he further declared that he sees at least one teenager a week who wants to kill themselves and cannot get mental health support.

We recently tried to work with Cobourg Community Counsellors and again they told us that they were not trained to give us the help we needed and that they themselves could not get help to support their practice in Northumberland even if they went to Oshawa or Peterborough. We should be making a warning declaration to all old and new residents buying houses in the area that they should not move to our community if their children need mental health support. "A Black Hole" was exactly as the physician described it.

After the millions the Governments; both Conservative and Liberal poured into Brookside and Warkworth and Millbrook over the decades and the tremendous financial waste of the construction and maintenance of the Wesleyville Power Station, still mothballed after decades, one would think every government would take better care of their young.

What is particularly galling is that we, the taxpayers of Ontario and Canada subsidized these same ego centric psychiatrists to enable them to get their 10 years of subsidized education and now, if they haven't moved to the UK or the USA these same psychiatrists refuse to give back to this self same society that supported them. We need to find a way to help our vulnerable children now!!!

Bill Corcoran

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