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The Town of Cobourg, Northumberland County and other organizations in Cobourg have Surveys from time to time.  There's a list here.


Affordable housing, does anyone know what I'm talking about? You hear about this from all politicians, but it is usually bypassed because they can't figure it out.

Now, here's an example, it was called "No Frills Housing".

Back in the early '70's, we bought our first home in the east end of Kitchener considered as No Frills, it was a combination of semi-detached and bungalow houses and when we took possession the front and back yards were only covered in topsoil, the driveway was gravel, there were no storm doors and no eavestroughs, all of the above we dealt with when we could afford it. We had some great neighborhood parties helping each other laying sod down. Would this be possible today?

By the way, our mortgage was 8.5 percent.

Merle Gingrich,


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