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Cobourg Council has passed the budget, and everyone believes the budget represents an increase of 8.1 percent in the 2023 tax levy over that of 2022, or a 6.6 percent tax levy increase after growth. The 2023 property tax that Cobourg residents will pay is based on this tax levy.

The real increase in the budget is 14.3%, and likely the highest property tax increase of all the municipalities in the province.

What is really going on?

Stormwater costs were part of property taxes in prior years, but the previous Council voted to remove the stormwater costs from property taxes and charge a stormwater user fee on your hydro/water bills, probably hoping you won't notice.

The stormwater costs for 2023 are $1.6M which is a 6.2% increase over the 2022 tax levy that taxpayers will be paying separately.

The real increase in the budget is 14.3%, (8.1% tax levy + 6.2% stormwater fee)

Taxpayers will be paying 12.8% (6.6% tax levy after growth + 6.2% stormwater fee) more to the Town this year and don't even realize it.

The irony is that our Council probably does not realize this either. Either that or, they do not want you to know.

The Mayor seems to be the only one that gets it and cares about what has really happened here and voted against this budget.

The media reported on Councillor Adam Bureau's comment to the Mayor on his rejection of the budget.

"With your comments Mr. Mayor it's kind of easy to sit back and say no when everybody else is working as a team. I think we honestly did a great job and we move forward."

We agree they did a great job of fooling everyone and passing the largest tax increase in Cobourg's history.

Since the budget has now passed, there is nothing we can do about this tax increase, but we thought you should know what is really going on.

Dennis Nabieszko
Cobourg Taxpayers Association


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