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The Town of Cobourg, Northumberland County and other organizations in Cobourg have Surveys from time to time.  There's a list here.

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Letters to the Editor

A collection of Letters sent to the Editor of Cobourg News Blog.

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Captain Tom's wish was to recognize the contribution of health care workers through a worldwide tree planting program. To quote Calgary Major Naheed Nenshi "I was nurtured by a community that cared about me".

Inspired by the memory of Captain Tom (photo below), Port Hope residents Mike Goldstein and Peter de Auer are taking the lead in creating a local tree planting to recognize the contribution of all health care workers and first responders.  Recognition is being given to not only Northumberland Hills Hospital workers but also all Cobourg’s and Port Hope’s health care workers and first responders. The tree planting will be in June 2021 but funds are needed as soon as possible to confirm the preparations with the Municipality.  The target is $1700 by May 20.

From: Brookside + Company

Our purpose here is to introduce our recommendation that the Brookside Site be developed into a sustainable, comprehensive, inclusive and healthy neighbourhood with a centre that will serve not only those who live on the site but also the 600 homes in the surrounding residential area that are within a 5-10 minute walk of its Centre. The Plan we are working on will incorporate many of the more specific uses others have recommended and will recognize and address many of the planning and development issues that have been by-passed as human settlements in Ontario have grown since World War II.

Brookside + Company refers to an initial group of citizens who are working to promote the future use of the Brookside site to the benefit of Cobourg as a whole. The process being followed consists of five stages that begin with a Vision Statement and ends with a Plan for Implementation. Along the way we expect that many citizens will become involved. We recognize that public support is key to success.

As relative newcomers to Cobourg, we are impressed with the history and heritage of this lovely community. The Brookside property is an architectural jewel harkening back to the golden formative years of the city, and as one of the few surviving mansions, should undoubtedly be preserved.

In our previous hometown of London there is a similar property, The Elsie Perrin Williams Estate. Fortunately, it was gifted to the city, and its existence now plays a prominent role in the cultural and social fabric of the city.

It is run on a nonprofit basis and is busy hosting weddings, corporate events, large social gatherings, special events, and the like.

We envision Brookside filling a similar role in Cobourg.  

Dear Council Members:

This email is about the proposed sidewalk on Abbott Blvd. Last year this was proposed and on a closer inspection, it was justifiably turned down. Now it has come up again. It seems that staff, when thwarted on their first attempt, simply changed the criteria for sidewalks, seeming to specifically include Abbott Blvd.

The designation seems entirely arbitrary. It appears to depend more on staff's stated intention to do a sidewalk a year, whether it's needed or not, than on any real need or desire by the citizens.

Abbott Blvd. does not need or want a sidewalk. It is one of the widest residential streets in the Town. It is not a main artery or even an overused thoroughfare. People will certainly continue to walk in the street whether or not there is a sidewalk in place, as they do on D'Arcy, Bay St., Paul Currelly Way and Perry Street to name just a few. A sidewalk will irrevocably alter the character and ambiance of Abbott Blvd.

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